Hello world. I’m Romina or rather Rockmina. I already think you can tell from my name what my biggest passion is, rock music. I feel that music has called me into her world and given me a mission. If you are interested in my story and if you want to help me fulfill it … I would be more than happy to surprise you with some good music. My goal is to bring rock music back to life. I’m sure some have grown up with this kind of music as children … but now the world is slowly starting to forget about it.

First of all, I should introduce myself and tell you about my journey in the world of music, it was not very easy. Ever since I was born, my parents knew that music would always be with me and guide me into the world. that’s why they gave me the name Romina. At that time Romina was a very famous singer from Italy … the place where I was born. Although Italy is a very beautiful country, at the age of 4 I came to Romania. As soon as I arrived, I started studying the violin. although I still didn’t know how to speak Romanian

I could speak the language of music fluently. My curiosity and passion pushed me to try several instruments such as piano and guitar, so I learned to play these instruments alone. Growing up, I realized that I can sing very well with my voice. Wanting to evolve, I entered a musical talent contest, Superstar.

It was my first contest, an unforgettable experience. In those difficult times for a girl of only 16 years old …. I realized that my place is on stage … and that music helps me to get rid of absolutely any problem. Even if I didn’t win the contest, I took 3rd place.

This experience made me ambitious and that’s why I didn’t give up. I continued with music in Iasi where I met the band, The Voodoo Child. Now I’m the lead singer of this band and we’re working on a second album.

The Voodoo Child is my second family. The band is made up of 5 music lovers who work hard to give people good music. Music has become more than just a passion for us. Even though at first we only had some guitars, a computer and a garage … through a lot of work this place became our studio and home. and even though we have experienced hardships and failures, music has never left us. The only thing we needed was the support of people who saw potential in us. We have created a small community of fans who are also part of our family.

The story for me will continue, I trust my potential and please help me fulfill my dream of becoming a great singer and keep the rock music alive!